When it comes to investing, the youth aren’t known for being a reckless bunch.  If you’re a part of the Generation Y crowd who’s ready to dip your toe into the world of investing, here are a few basic points to keep in mind:

1. Find an Advisor You Trust

 Finding a financial advisor, someone who can offer you unbiased, rational advice on what moves to make, is important for your financial health.

While you may be tempted to look to your parents or their financial advisor for help, it’s a good idea to talk to someone who specializes in advising people who are in your same demographic. At age 25, your investment strategy is likely to look very different from the one you’ll have at 45 and your advisor should know how to tailor their guidance to your specific situation.

2. Start Investing Now

One of the most important financial lessons that the youth have to know is that you can’t afford to put off saving. If you’re not already socking away part of your income on a regular basis, you need to make finding the right investment vehicle a priority.

3. Don’t Sidestep Risk Altogether

Everything in life involves a certain amount of risk and that’s certainly true when it comes to investing. While youth tend to prefer safer cash investments like bonds or traditional savings accounts, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a much lower rate of return. Diversifying your portfolio means you’re going out a little further on the limb but you also have a better chance of seeing significant financial growth.

4. Avoid the Autopilot Trap

One of the very worst things you can do for your investment strategy is to just set it and forget it. If you’re not actively managing your assets you’re missing out on opportunities for growth and potentially setting yourself up for failure.

Investing can be a scary prospect at any age but for millennials who’ve witnessed firsthand how quickly the economy can change, it’s particularly intimidating. If you’re not ready to leap in head first, taking small steps and educating yourself as much as possible can make it easier to go from newbie to seasoned investor.


Thanx Stephen15 March 2018
I thank you Elevate guys for educating and giving us tips on #MoneyMatters, some us youths have the ideas of investment and we pretty much willing to take risks however when we avail investment ideas to potential sponsors, they pretend as if the ideas are no as viable, but after a few weeks or months the very same potential sponsor will be making money on your idea.
Sometimes this happens because we lack the capital base to unleash our ideas. If and only if we get a reliable and a investor who is willing to believe in us and work with us l know the sky will be the limit for us.

Warm regards
Patrick Kudyarawanza15 March 2018
Investment a word that I personally think means more if expressed or defined in more than one dimension including, time, effort, research, taking risks and so on in addition to putting the dollar on the desired project. This then calls for those who keep on keeping on irregardless to how many times they have failed in previous investments. Lets be encouraged guys. #2 start now. Thomas Mandipaka29 March 2018

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