We All Fall...


We all fall, I doubt anyone who has ever walked on this earth has never once fallen in their lifetime, and I know we have all heard this before, that when you fall get back up again, rise from the ashes, your door will open; but in reality, it’s not easy for the fallen to process that message and immediately get up afterwards. Words of encouragement are one thing, but acting on them, is another, it ends up feeling like a rehearsed statement as opposed to something that’s focusing on you personally & your specific situation. So I’m just going to say the same thing but in a different light. At times it’s easier to get up from your fall when you know how& why you should.


Failure is not a weakness; failure reminds us that we are human, burdened by limitations that humble us when we are unable to humble ourselves. Failure can either build you or destroy you depending on how you let it influence you, it’s ok to be wrong, to be the black sheep of the lot, it’s ok to be attacked, wrongfully accused or just generally disliked by people. it’s ok to keep trying& trying without any sign of progress, it's normal...its LIFE.

We can’t change the way things happen, but that doesn’t mean things will not get better, how else would we have sunshine, without a little rain? Now I know what most people would ask, when does it get better? Patience built from the ground up, the great city of Rome and the Egyptian pyramids at a time where technology wasn’t even at its peak yet, it started as an idea, a somewhat empty, impossible idea, and that idea has become one of the 7th wonders of the world. Had the

Egyptians or Romans decided to give up when perhaps the measurements or designs didn’t come out as planned (I assume nothing came out perfectly on the first try), what would’ve become of them in the future? If something wasn’t right they probably had to go back to the drawing board, revaluate and try again, and what pray tell did that require? Patience.


One thing that can result from failure is depression, depression leads to self-loathing, self-loathing leads to zero self-worth, and that, if not managed can lead to emotional damage, or in worst case scenarios...death, and yet you have so much to offer as a person. You didn’t pass your course? So what? It’s not the end of the world, you still have this bright ambiance that lights up the room whenever you walk in; you lost your job? you’re still the same person whose kindness can melt a heart of stone. You have not lost who you are, you have so much more to give; we focus so much on our failures & forget the things that make us amazing people, it is when we give up, that makes us lose sight of our purpose.


You are more than that failed relationship, that unstable family environment, you are more than those failed attempts at finding a career, or those sleepless nights of studying in vain. Regardless of your failures, you are someone’s friend, mother, sister, father, brother, uncle, you are something to someone. You are the embodiment of wisdom, the pillar of strength, or the beacon of all that is good to somebody out there. What I’m trying to say is, don’t be so hard on yourself, you will not be the first or the last to feel like you’ve achieved nothing in life, you just being the person you are is an achievement on its own. Don’t give up on your dreams or yourself, failure does not define you!


Let your failure work as your scar, let it motivate you to do better, wear it as a medal on your chest or as a crown on your head. Be the example that it is possible, that you can overcome it; because it is not who you are, it doesn’t define you, but instead, it reminds you that you can, and you will be more, you are more, and this will be your achievement.



Rutendo Shoko

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