What is Elevate?

It is a youth empowerment programme for youth between the ages of 16-34.

Who qualifies to be on Elevate?

Anyone between the ages of 16-34 and a registered Econet subscriber.

How do I register on Elevate?

To register on Elevate, dial *771# on your Econet line or visit www.elevateyouth.co.zw to register on line.

How much does it cost to register on Elevate?

Registration on Elevate is FREE

What are the 4 Pillars on Elevate?
  • Mix n Match – Elevate’s transactional pillar focusing on empowering youth to control how they use their airtime according to their unique needs.
  • Spin n Shuffle – Elevate’s entertainment pillar which also focuses on talent identification and talent nurturing.
  • Rise n Shine – Elevate pillar which focuses on creating job opportunities, youth project financing and entrepreneurship. This pillar is there to provide you with employment opportunities, support your business ideas and even finance your projects if you qualify.
  • On offer as a job opportunity right now is the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme EVAP where one can earn $600*/ month working in the comfort of home. 
  • Learn n Grow – Elevate’s pillar which focuses on youth mentorship (career, tertiary, spiritual, entrepreneurship). This pillar is also responsible for setting up University/College clubs across the country which operate as proxies for Elevate in universities and surrounding communities. 
What is an Elevate Virtual Agent?

An Elevate Virtual Call Agent is a person who earns money by providing a customer service or tech support from their own homes. They also provide telephone sales for any Econet products on offer in the comfort of home, dictating how they work, now that’s being your own boss!

How does one qualify to be an Elevate Virtual Agent?

To qualify for the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme, one had to be a registered Elevate member by dialling *771#. Once registered, the customer should apply for the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme on https://www.elevateyouth.co.zw/vccapplication. The customer should then accumulate 5000 Elevate points for their application to be reviewed (for every $1 recharge using EcoCash/ normal scratch card a customer gets 100 points). 5000 points equals $50 worth of recharges. Once application has been reviewed a customer goes through an online test learning about Econet products. If they pass with 90% or more the customer then goes through a physical training programme at Econet before getting employed as an Elevate Virtual Agent Programme. 

What forms of rechargers apply to accumulate points?

EcoCash, Econet scratch cards/recharge cards, elevating a friend.

What is Elevating a friend?

This is when a customer requests another customer/friend to register on Elevate. To initiate this, one should dial *771# and select option 2 (Elevate a friend). 

How then do I accumulate points after Elevating a friend?

To accumulate points, the customer you request to register on Elevate should make sure they register on Elevate through your request.

How do I accumulate points after Elevating a friend?

After sending and Elevate a friend request to your friend, you should make sure they register through your invite. Once registered, you will then get 100 FREE points for that. 

How do I get paid as an Elevate Virtual Agent?

You get paid on a commission basis depending on the number of calls you make and conversions you make. 

What's the average commission fee?

$600 per month. 

What happens if I register on Elevate at 34 years and next year I turn 35?

If you have registered on Elevate at the age of 16-34, you still qualify to receive Elevate benefits only until after you deregister on Elevate. After you de register on Elevate and you are over 34, you will no longer qualify to register on Elevate.

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