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Welcome to Learn & Grow - Powered by Elevate! Here you can view mentorship videos from industry experts around career, business, personal development etc. Each week we will be posting a new video & introducing new mentors from different industries. These videos are exclusive to Registered Elevate Youth Members.  

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Learn n Grow is underpinned by the following supporting functions:


Learn n Grow will walk with you through career development, and ensure that you get the necessary exposure to assist you in making that transformational decision.


Learn n Grow is your wise companion who gives you a bird’s eye view of the different professional routes that can be pursued in life. We will also expose you to opportunities for scholarships, internships and career development.


Spiritual mentorship is the arm of Learn n Grow that helps the youths in their spiritual journey and nourishment of their souls. This is done through spiritual summits where different aspects affecting spiritual growth are discussed. Gospel music is the highlight of such summits.


Do you have a passion for something, and would like to earn a living through it? Then the Entrepreneurship initiative is your right partner to identify, develop and start being your own


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